Duck Life 6

2017 update – play the newest Duck Life game for FREE! The sixth of the Duck Life series, Duck Life 6 aka Duck Life Space offers a load of new features – from new items in the coin shop, right down to using different controls! Your job is to train a duckling into an award winning champion!


As previously mentioned, the controls used to play Duck Life 6 has been greatly changed in this version compared to the previous ones. In the previous versions, you would use the mouse to control your duckling’s actions. The controls have changed for this version, to make playing the game more comfortable.

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The use of these controls is also slightly different in this version. In previous versions, you used the arrow buttons to control your duckling during the training process only; but the game did all of the work when it came to the championships. This time, you are responsible for the fate of your duckling during the championship races! Use these controls throughout the championship races to jump, climb, swim, fly, and run your way to the finish line – avoiding obstacles along the way.

Training – Skills

The skills you need to train are the same as the previous versions of the game: Running, Swimming, Flying, and Climbing. Train these skills to level them up, then test your duckling’s abilities in the Championship races!


There are now 5 Cup races you can perform in, each with great rewards!

Plastic Cup

In the Plastic Cup, all players can participate. This is a great way for beginner players, below energy level 10, to make some quick coins to improve their pets early on. There is no minimum energy level requirement to participate. If you come in First Place, you can win 25 coins to use for items and food for your duckling! Unlike the other Cup Championships, this race you can complete repeatedly, even after you have won the First Place prize!

As we mentioned before, you will need to learn how to control your duckling to be able to compete. It’s more than just training your duckling then letting the game do the work for you during the championships! That is why the Plastic Cup race was created! To help you familiarize yourself with the new rules and controls of the game!

Copper Cup

You’ve practiced the controls during the trainings, as well as the Plastic Cup – now it’s time to see how good you and your little duckling have become!

To participate in the Copper Cup Championship, your duckling’s energy needs to be at least level 10. This race can only be won once, however you win 50 coins in the Copper Cup race!

Bronze Cup

Now that you have successfully completed – and won – the Copper Cup, it’s time to challenge yourself and your duckling in the Bronze Cup race. Your duckling’s energy level must be at least 20 in order to enter, however, if you win First Place, you could earn 75 coins!

Silver Cup

The Silver Cup gets a little harder – and longer. Your duckling’s energy must reach level 30 in order to enter, however if you achieve First Place, you will be rewarded with an astounding 100 coins!

Gold Cup

The Gold Cup race is the hardest – and the most rewarding. Level your duckling’s energy to Level 40 and compete in the Gold Cup race! Finish in First Place, and your name will be showcased on the Leader Board for everyone to see! Complete the race in the shortest amount of time possible to get the First Place spot on the Leader Board!

Coin Shop

If you have played Duck Life 1-5, you probably remember the shop where you could buy food and cute costume accessories for your duckling. The only downfall was, the costume accessories didn’t do anything to help your duckling – they were just decorative items!

In Duck Life Space , though, you will find that every item in the shop offers a slight skill boost for your duckling! The more expensive the item is, the more of a skill boost your duckling will receive! Here are some examples of what you can find in the Coin Shop, and what each item type offers:

  • Hats – 10 available to purchase – energy level bonus
  • Jackets – 10 available to purchase – skill level bonus
  • Shoes – 10 available to purchase – speed/running skill bonus



  • Toggle Graphics Quality – High/Medium/Low
  • Toggle Music/Sound Effects – On/Off
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