Duck Life 2

Enter the world of racing and competition in the second installment of this series, Duck Life 2! Train your duckling to perform various skills, then compete against other ducks in a world championship race to earn massive rewards and a fancy new crown!

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How to Play

Teach your little duck to run, jump, fly and swim to the finish line by putting him through various training courses. Use your  up arrow key to make him jump, and the left and right arrow keys to change directions. Use the down arrow key to make him dive below the water’s surface during the swimming training and competitions.

Training Days

At the beginning of the game, it is important to train your little duckling as much as possible. The more you train him in running, swimming, climbing, and flying, the faster and more competitive he will become! As you train, however, keep a close eye on his energy level. From time to time you will need to purchase seed so he can eat and keep his strength and energy up.

There are two types of seed that you can purchase in Duck Life 2 – normal seed, and purple seed. The normal seed is the least expensive, and will quickly and easily boost your ducklings energy level. The purple seed is significantly more expensive, however it also raises his energy level by three each time!

Duck Life 2

Race Central

Now that you have levelled up your duck in all of his amazing skills, its time to put his skills to the test and race against other ducklings! Travel to distant lands to race your duck in world championships! Come in first place in any of the races in these maps to receive a 50 coin cash prize and an amazing mystery prize!

Places to Race

  • Scotland – This is the qualifying round for the world championships. Win the final to raise your duck’s level limit to 50!

  • England – This is the second round of the world championships. Win the final round to raise your level limit to 80.

  • Egypt – This is the third round of world championships. Win the final round to raise your level limit to 110.

  • Hawaii – This is the semi-final round of the world championships. Win the final round in order to raise your level limit to 150.

  • Japan – This is the final round – the big race! Win the final to earn tons of secret mystery prizes!

Duck Life 2 Climbing


As your duckling trains and competes, he will earn massive amounts of coins! Use these coins to purchase food, as well as adorable accessories for him in the shop! Customize your duckling however you want in order to really stand out in the crowd!


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