Duck Life 3

Compete worldwide for the world champion title and massive rewards in this action packed duck racing game – Duck Life 3! Level up and evolve your duck to make him a true champion!

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How to Play

The normal gameplay of Duck Life 3 is very similar to the previous versions of this game. Use your up arrow key to jump and climb, the down arrow key to dive, and the left and right arrow keys to move left and right.

At the beginning of the game, you will have the option to choose between four different duck eggs. Each egg carries a unique duckling which was specifically bred to specialize in one or more of the four key skills – flying, climbing, running, and swimming. As you train and race your duck, make sure you keep an eye on his energy level. Boost his energy level frequently by feeding him either normal seed or super seed to ensure that he will perform well. Additionally, as your little duckling levels up, he can begin to evolve into a more powerful, special duck! Evolving your duck will give him an evolution bonus in his skills.

Duck Life 3


There are three leagues you can play and compete in – the Amateur League, the Advanced League, and the Professional League. You will start the game in the Amateur League. In this league, you will begin the training courses and compete in a few qualification races. Once you have completed this league, you can unlock the Advanced League.

Within each league, there are two main races – Qualifiers and Finals. The Qualifiers races are broken down into three races. You need to complete all three races in the Qualifiers area in order to unlock the Finals.

Duck Life 3 new


Featured for the first time in the Duck Life series of games are achievements! Now you have 10 new achievements for your little duckling to reach. Complete all of the achievements to earn your bragging rights!


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