Duck Life 4

Duck Life is back and better than ever in this fourth installment of the game – Duck Life 4! Packed with better graphics, multiple maps to explore, and tons of skills to train in, Duck Life 4 is sure to keep you entertained for hours! Test your skills and play Duck Life 4 now.

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How to Play

The object of the game is to level up each skill to compete and win competitions. Winning competitions unlocks new maps, as well as earns your duck a stack of cash that he can spend in the shop on new accessories and even new friends! The basic key functions in this game are quite simple: use the left and right arrow keys to move your duck in those directions, press the up arrow key to jump and climb, and the down arrow key to dive. In addition, in some of the training mini games, you may need to use the number 1 to 4 keys to perform certain actions.

Duck Life 4


There are six different maps for you to unlock – Grasslands, Swamp, Mountains, Glacier, City, and Volcano. Each of the first five maps trains your duck in a certain skill, and includes a tournament for you to complete in order to unlock the next map. To compete in the tournament, you must first obtain a tournament invitation by competing and beating a certain duck on the map. Hint: usually this duck stands near the shop and has a large exclamation point above his head!

  • Grasslands – beginners map; trains running

  • Swamp – trains swimming

  • Mountains – trains flying

  • Glacier – trains climbing

  • City – trains jumping

  • Volcano – the final map in the game and where you will race against the world champion; this map is only for highly-skilled ducks above level 120 in all skill levels.

Duck Life 4


Each map has a tournament area where you can compete against other ducks to win a lot of money and unlock the next map. Each tournament includes three races, which you will compete in back to back. At the beginning of each tournament, you can select which ducks from your team you would like to use for each round of the competition – one per round. You can use the same duck for all three rounds, however, you must make sure it has plenty of energy to compete!

Gain points in tournaments by competing in each round; depending on how well your ducks perform in each round will determine the number of points your team will receive. Earn the most points at the end of all three rounds to become the winner.

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