Duck Life 7

Duck Life 7 comes packed with brand new features and accessories for your little duckling! Your objective is to train your duckling to be a championship winning race duck.

Complete training tasks and purchase items in the Coin Shop to strengthen your duckling to be the best.

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Similar to the controls used in Duck Life 6, the controls in this version are as follows:

  • Left mouse button – make selections
  • A button – move left
  • S button – dive
  • D button – move right
  • W button – jump
  • Number 1 button – activate speed buff

As you can see, there is one new control key available in this version that was not available in any of the previous versions. By pressing your number 1 button on your keyboard, you can activate a speed buff, which will slightly increase your speed temporarily. This buff is only available to use in the Server Arena challenges, which we will discuss more in another section of this article.


Duck Life 7 offers three different servers for you to play. When you first start the game and select the duckling you wish to use, you can then select which server to play on. The list will show you how many players are currently playing on that specific server, to give you an idea of how much competition you are up against in the Server Arena Challenges, as well as if you might experience any lag in the game due to server overload.

Each of the servers have a cute name:

  • The Pond
  • The River
  • The Creek


Once you have selected your duckling and the server you want to play, it’s time to begin training. There are four skills you need to train in order to make your duckling the best on the server; climbing, swimming, running, and flying. Train your duckling in every skill – don’t forget to increase his energy level by feeding him seed – and increase his abilities by purchasing items from the Coin Shop for him to wear!

Coin Shop

The Coin Shop is filled with accessories and items you can use to make your duckling the best on the server, including:

  • 30 Hats – gives an energy bonus
  • 30 Jackets – gives skill bonus
  • 30 Shoes – gives speed bonus
  • 2 speed buffs – Only usable in Server Arena matches

As you can see, many of the accessories in the Coin Shop are one’s you’ve seen in Duck Life 6, except there’s more quantities. The main difference here is the speed buff items. Since the developers have launched a Server-wide Arena where you can compete against other players, they’ve also introduced this new item to help you be competitive!

Server Arena

The new Server Arena offers a lot of excitement! Once you’ve trained your duckling to the minimum level 30 energy level, he now qualifies to compete in the server-wide arena matches! The Server Arena allows you to compete against other players for the high score title. This means there is also a Leader Board available.

The Server Arena is completely optional. If you’d rather just play a Player v. Computer game, you can continue with the normal Cup Races – however, if you like a Player v. Player style of gaming, you will love the Server Arena.

There are only three rules:

  1. Must meet the minimum energy level to enter
  2. May only use 2 speed buffs per match
  3. Cannot challenge any player more than 5 levels below or above your own

Now that you know the rules, go try it out!



  • Toggle Music On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics High/Medium/Low
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