Duck Life Everywhere !

Duck Life games are fun, and millions of people play them. I personally don’t have too much spare time, so I prefer playing games on my smartphone instead of PC. Today I was wondering if you can play Duck Life on smartphones as well. After few minutes of research – I got my answer. You can actually download and play Duck Life on your Android or iPhone smartphone for free ! I really wish I knew about that before. Now I play Duck Life games when riding the bus. Before that, I was playing games like GTA, and it was not too fun because bus rides are fairly short. Duck Life on the other hand is a small game that you can play even if you only have few spare minutes.

Download Duck Life : Android / iPhone


It looks like more and more gaming companies start understanding the power of smartphones. That’s why so many PC games are also released to mobile phones. People spend less time on their computer, and use their smartphone all day long. So gaming companies want to take a “bite” of that. Developing a mobile game can be very expensive. Some companies spend millions of dollars developing mobile apps and games. But overall I really think it is a good investment. These companies can sell in-app objects and display ads. Suscssesful mobile games make millions a month !

Currently not all Duck Life games are available to mobile devices. There are 4-5 mobile games, but I am sure that in the future new games will be released. If you have a smartphone with a big screen – you are lucky ! Playing Duck Life games on tablets or big smartphones is super fun. But even if you have a small smartphone – don’t worry, you will still enjoy it. Sometimes I even connect my smartphone to my TV (I have a Samsung Smart TV, costed me a lot of money) and play Duck Life on my TV. The quality is not too bad, and I even let my friends play the game (they like it very much).


If you downloaded the Duck Life game to your smartphone and liked it – comment below. Feel free to recommend the game to your friends as well. And of course – try playing Duck Life on our website as well. We have many of these games here, and we try to update the website with new content all the time (when a new game is released – we add it here within few hours at most).

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