Duck Life Games

Duck Life games are widely popular among children and adults of all ages. There are currently 7 versions of Duck Life, each with similar goals and objectives, but each version is more challenging than the last.

The object of the game is to raise a little duckling to be an award winning Race Duck Champion. You act as the farmer/trainer who needs to earn money to rebuild your farm, which was destroyed by a terrible tornado. The only thing that was left after the tornado passed was one single, lonely duck egg. Train your duckling in the various skills to successfully compete against other ducklings and earn enough money to rebuild your beloved farm.

Let’s take a look at each version of the Duck Life games.

Duck Life

The beginning of the series, the story line starts out with your very prosperous farm being destroyed by a massive tornado. The only thing left standing is one little duck egg. You need to raise money to rebuild your farm back to the prosperity it once had! This farm was your livelihood!

You get the idea to wait for this duckling to hatch, then start training it in the skills of running, climbing, swimming, flying and endurance.

The controls are simple; use your left mouse button to make selections. The space bar allows you start the training period. Use the up arrow button on your keyboard to jump, the down arrow button to dive, and your left and right arrow buttons to change directions.

Train your duckling in all skill levels, and be sure to level up your duckling’s energy level as well. Energy is the endurance part of training, and is very important in winning competitions! You don’t want your duckling passing out from exhaustion in the middle of a race, do you?

If you get stuck, there are multiple video walkthroughs available to view on YouTube.

Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 is a little more advanced than the first version. In this version, the objective is the same; train your duckling to be the best competitor. However, this time, instead of racing other local ducklings, you’re racing ducklings around the world – Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan. Train your duckling to be a World Class Champion by performing training tasks in the 5 key skills: swimming, climbing, flying, running, and endurance.

Endurance is important. It allows you duckling to perform longer without becoming exhausted. It is suggested to train his endurance level first. To do this, feed him seed, it will increase his energy level, which will increase his endurance.

Once his endurance level is at an acceptable level, begin training the other skill areas, then enter him into a race. Make him a first place winner to receive a large amount of coins!

Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 is by far the most fun version to play of the first three versions. In this version, your duckling starts out small and weak. You must train him in the skills of flying, climbing, running, swimming, and endurance. As you train him, participate in the races to earn extra coins to continue improving him.

The first set of races are in the Amateur League. There are two categories in this league: Qualifiers and Finals. The qualifiers category includes 3 races: Across the Lake, The Final Flight, and Final race. The finals category also includes 3 races: Pier Running, Over the Ship, and the Final race.

Once you have completed all of the races in the Amateur League, your duckling will evolve into a Strong Duck. This allows you to enter the Advanced League. The Advanced League offers new training facilities, longer tracks, advanced contestants, and a max level of 100. There are two racing categories within the Advanced League: Qualifiers and Finals. The Qualifiers category includes: Over the Balcony, The Big Pond, and the Final race. The Finals category includes: Building Climber, Building Jumper, and the Final Race.

When your duck has successfully completed all of the races in the Advanced League, he evolves again into a Beefy Duck and can now enter the Professional League races! The Professional League offers special abilities, professional contestants, longer tracks, new training facilities, and a maximum level of 150. As in the other leagues, the Professional League has two racing categories: Qualifiers and Finals. The Qualifiers category consists of the First Flight race, Volcano Lake race, and the Final race. The Finals consist of the Jungle Hopper race, The Cliff Race, and the Final race.

Complete all of the races in the Professional League to evolve your duck into an Extreme Duck. By completing the Professional League races, and evolving into an Extreme Duck, your duck can now race against the Champion Duck in his secluded lair: The Lair of the Ultimate Duck. Racing gets very interesting in the Lair, and the Champion Duck will not make it easy for you to win. He has little minions called the Army of Domo Kun that will do everything in their power to slow you down so their master can win. Stop their attacks on your duck by clicking on them, and beat the Champion Duck to win the game.

Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 is similar to the previous versions. The goal is the same: train your duckling to compete in races to earn coins. This version comes with new training boards, more interesting races, and the ability to purchase more ducklings in the Coin Shop!

Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 is based on the same concept as the previous versions. Train your ducking to be a fierce, award-winning Champion Race Duck! Consistently train your duck to gain levels in Swimming, Climbing, Running, Flying, and Endurance to ensure he will be the best racer of all time. Purchase new seed, cute accessories for him to wear, or even purchase a new friend for him in the Coin Shop. The training facilities are all new, as well as the races! Try it out today!

Duck Life 6

Duck Life 6 is similar to the previous 5 versions, however there are many new features and challenges! In Duck Life 6, your goal is to train your duck to be the best racer of all time. Train him in the skills of running, swimming, flying, climbing and endurance.

One of the major improvements in this version is the controls. Instead of using your arrow buttons like you did in the past, you may now use the A, S, D, W keys to maneuver your duckling around. This allows for a more comfortable gaming experience. Additionally, the Coin Shop has changed greatly! Now, all of the accessories you purchase in the Coin Shop for your little duckling to wear will give him a boost. For instance, the hats offer an energy boost, the jackets give him a slight skill boost, and the shoes will give him an added speed boost. The ability to purchase these items is based on the player’s amount of coins and your duckling’s energy level.

Finally, the last major improvement for Duck Life 6 is the Championship Cups. There are now 5 different Cup races you can enter your duck into: Plastic Cup, Copper Cup, Bronze Cup, Siler Cup, and Gold Cup. The Plastic Cup race does not have a minimum energy level requirement, however all of the other Cups do. All cups will award you with extra coins to help you improve your duckling’s skills.

Duck Life 7

Duck Life 7 imitates the previous version (Duck Life 6) the most. It’s based on the same concept, has many similar features, but Duck Life 7 has some added surprises!

There are now 3 different servers you can play on: The Pond, The River, or The Creek. Each server will tell you how many other players are currently playing on that server.

There is an additional control in this version as well. Use the number 1 button on your keyboard to activate a speed buff! Speed buffs can be purchased in the Coin Shop, and can only be used in the Server Arena.

Yes, I said Server Arena! That means you can now compete against other, real players! The Server Arena is only open to ducklings with an energy level of 20 or more, though.

If you don’t want to compete against other real players, that is O.K. You can still play a single player, Player vs. Computer version of the game in the Championship Cup races! The Championship Cup races are set up the same as they were in Duck Life 6.

All of these games are amazingly exciting, so check them out today!

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