Duck Life Space

Duck Life Space is the newest addition to the famous Duck Life game series. Unlike other Duck Life games, Duck Life Space is not available on browsers but can be downloaded on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The paid version of the game is available on Android platforms and users with Android Gingerbread 2.3 or higher can install and play it. You can watch the聽Trailer聽on YouTube.

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The game begins with our Duck enjoying his championship fame, but his glory is short lived as an alien appears and steals his crown and disappears in the sky. Now, you have to help the Duck avenge the evil alien and reclaim his crown. Similar to the previous versions of the game, players need to train their duck in different parameters such as running, climbing, swimming, jumping, flying and intelligence in order to achieve their goal.

Following are some of the aspects that have made Duck Life Space a popular online game:

  • Team Management: This is a new concept introduced in Duck Life Space where player can recruit other Ducks and take them along in the missions.
  • New Worlds: Players get to play the game on 6 different planets where each planet has different alien ducks. Enemies of each planet possess unique abilities that are different from alien ducks of other planets.
  • More Races: Duck Life Space gives the players an option to race on 30 different race tracks. Players need to acquire specific ability points in order to qualify for competing in these races. After completing all races, check out All games聽on our website 馃檪

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  • Controls: The Windows, Linux, and Mac version of the game can be played easily with the help of Arrow keys, whereas Android version can be played on fingertips.
  • Character Customization: Players can customize their playable character by choosing from an option of different hats, hairstyles, clothes, paint, etc.

The game is very addictive and a great way to pass time. Moreover, its captivating graphics makes it an ideal game for kids. There are lots of instances where players find it difficult to complete a certain race or level. If you too are unable to complete the game then follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Earn coins by participating in training exercises as it increases your skill points and boosts your earnings.

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  • Spend generously on feeding the ducks as more you feed them, the better they will grow.
  • Certain races require a special skill, so identify that and improve the skill in order to win the race.

You can play the Duck Life games on your PC as well. One of my favorite ones is聽Duck Life 5. This game is very cool !

Use these tips and have fun while playing your favorite Duck Life Space game.

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