Duck Life

Duck Life is an interactive racing game for children and adults. The story is, you own a beautiful, prosperous farm. You’ve made quite a fortune working on this farm, when one day a tornado destroys everything you have worked for!

That is, everything except one little duck egg. Raise this duckling to be an award winning racing champion to rebuild your beautiful farm again.

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Training your Duck

As with any competition, it is important to train well. This helps prepare you for each competition. The same is true in Duck Life! Train your duck in the skills of Swimming, Flying, and Running, as well as Energy.

Train Energy

A high level of energy is important! You don’t want your little duckling to fall flat on its face in the middle of the race, do you? Of course not! Train your duckling’s energy by purchasing seed in the Shop and feeding the seed to him.

There are two types of seed available.

  • Seed – really cheap (only 1 coin), but only trains your duckling’s energy.
  • Skill Seed – more expensive (10 coins each), but trains all skills at one time.

Train Running

To train your duckling’s running skill, click on the “Train Running” button at the top of the screen. Use your up arrow button to jump over rolling obstacles as your duckling runs through the training course. The longer you last in this training session, the more running levels your duckling will gain!

Train Flying

Train your duckling’s flying skill by clicking on the “Train Flying” button at the top of the screen. Use your left and right arrow buttons to move your duckling around the screen, collecting little yellow pebbles along the way. The longer you last in this training session, the higher your duckling’s flying level will be!


Train Swimming

Click on the “Train Swimming” button at the top of the screen. During this training session, use your up arrow button to jump out of the water and over obstacles. Use the down arrow button to dive under obstacles. Continue as long as you can to gain as many levels as possible during your training session!


Once your duckling has reached level 10 in either swimming, running, or flying skills, you can now begin racing against the other little ducklings in a competition. Be the first prize winner to receive large amounts of coins!

Coin Shop

The coin shop is where you can purchase more seed for your duckling, and buy new costumes to make your duckling more unique. You can change the color of your duckling, and even make him wear a cute little hat!

Walkthroughs & Cheats

If you have a hard time learning how to play the game, there are walkthrough videos available on YouTube to help you out.

For all you cheaters out there, there are also certain websites available on Google that have hacked the game to provide cheats such as receiving 100,000 coins after each competition – whether you win or lose!

Duck Life

Age Appropriate

Duck Life does not have any inappropriate language or activities, making it a perfect game for children ages 5 and up!


There are a few user options settings players can adjust to make the game more enjoyable to play and reduce lag.

  • Toggle Music and Sound Effects On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality – High/Medium/Low
  • Clear Data – clears saved data to allow you to start fresh from the beginning
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