Games Like Duck Life

Duck games are very popular for children and adults. Here’s a list of other fun duck games you and your children may enjoy! You can click on the title to play 🙂

Duck – Think Outside the Flock

Duck – Think Outside the Flock is a logic based flash game designed make you think of ways to complete puzzles. Instead of completing the levels in the most logical way, “think outside the box” on other ways to complete each level!

Duck and Roll

Duck and Roll is a physics based flash game for children and adults of all ages. In this game, you must help Chester the Duck fall into the water below by using a combination of skill and knowledge of basic physics. Chop, explode, and break objects to help Chester make it safely into the water.

Duck Hunt Remake 2

Some of you may remember the old Nintendo game, Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt Remake 2 is a flash game developed exactly like the old Nintendo game! Stir up some old childhood memories, or make some new ones with your children while you play Duck Hunt Remake 2. You play as the hunter, trying to shoot down ducks as the fly through the sky. Shoot them, and watch your hunting dog get excited! Miss them, and your hunting dog will laugh at you!

Catch a Duck

Catch a Duck is a click-to-play flash puzzle game. Move the fox around the maze, keeping an eye out for ducks. Spot a duck, and chase it around until you catch it!

Super Duck Punch – Horse Edition

Super Duck Punch – Horse Edition is a game boys of all ages will love. Choose to fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck! Use your arrow keys to move your character around the screen. Use the Z, X, and C button to fight your opponent! Watch your health bar, you don’t want to be KO’d before you’ve beat up your opponent!

Gravity Duck

In Gravity Duck, you play as a duck on a mission. You’ve been granted a super power – controlling gravity! Your mission is to obtain golden eggs and take them to your leader. Use the arrow buttons to move your duck around the screen, through each puzzle. Use the X button to control gravity!

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